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Updated: Oct 21, 2018


Growing up, I experienced very little in the way of encouragement. I am not going to grouse about my youth, but I learned from what I did not get to make sure I gave it to others. No matter what your void is or was, when you identify it, it is work to overcome it.

Now that it is overcome, you must not just sit there with the pothole in the road of life filled in, it is time to look around at other people's paths. Many times their road is right next to ours but we are a little ahead of them. We can take the time to fill in that hole and make their journey a little easier.

This doesn’t not mean telling them to avoid the hole, or how to walk their path, it merely means to encourage them. Let them know what a good job they are doing. Regardless of what the task is, be it a work of art to folding clothing. That looks good, thanks for folding my clothes.

A little appreciation goes a very long way in this life. You’d be amazed the smallest effort you make can often change a persons day, maybe even their lives. Folding clothing? How can that be life changing you scoff. Of course it won’t. But it is the idea that you support someone.

Take nothing for granted. Everyday, every breath, the sun on your face. Life is fleeting if you have not noticed. Humans are so bogged down in what they cannot change that they fail to work on the one thing, the nearest thing they can change, themselves.

But change is hard! Of course. Nothing worth doing is ever easy, but if you want to change the world better see if you can start small and change yourself. This is where encouragement comes into play.

Knowing what you want out of life is great, but helping others with what they want can be can be a passive activity just based out of kindness. Showing you care in minor ways actually builds your own character.

This is not something you can just run out and do for your own gain, it doesn’t work like that. It is a slow germination of seeds of kindness you have planted over a day to a lifetime. Eventually all the good things you do will grow into a forest of your own goals and happiness.

So I encourage you, in whatever you do, you do it well. If I can actually know and do more, please let me know. The world is much smaller than you think and when we take the time to lend even a digital hand across the world, it will make a difference to someone.

I know, I have received such gifts and I seek to give more in the future.

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