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Let me say we all have ailments that strike us from time to time. Be it a headache to a real medical malaise. It is often hard for me to put into words what keeps me down, but the point is not to publicized what is wrong with me, or you, or any of us. It is how to overcome.

I have a hard time complaining about anything when I know and have seen people confined to wheelchairs. It is a reminder of how lucky we all are to be even able to read the words I type in this age of technology.

So whatever obstacle is slowing our progress in any endeavor you are working on, we must find away around it, through it, under it, above it. Letting whatever it is stop you is insignificant to the reward of overcoming that obstacle.

I do not try to make light of what mountain we may need to climb. I find every mountain leads to a taller more difficult mountain. As we grow older, those mountains do not look worth climbing anymore. We start looking for a pass between the mountains as we hike our way through life.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we must admit, we cannot conquer a peak alone anymore. Someday, we will not be able to even do it with help. It is then that we take those with more youth and energy and try and point them in the right path up whatever mountain looms infant of them.

It requires not only humility on our part but it also takes a degree of faith to put into someone to help them in their climb. Sometimes that faith in others when we help is a reward of an avalanche they cut loose on us as they carelessly climbed ahead using us to get where they want.

Fortunately, we often hear and see the avalanche coming and can safely get out of its way, or dig ourselves out from under the snow of betrayal. Yet this is again a lesson even as we age that there are always going to be those who enter our lives and leave our lives with less than the best of intentions.

The key here is to not be discouraged by you inability to climb that mountain or walk that path. You are already walking on air as you have lifted yourself up in the pursuit of goodness and nobility even if you wear the scars of treachery.

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