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Paths of Hate


This writing applies to all things of contention. Be it politics to family infighting, even to everyday life where someone cut in front of you in line with their shopping cart. Where does it end?

The further I go in this world the less I like seeing what it is becoming. This is not about sides. It is about not taking a side and revoking the notion of violence and embracing the idea of the peaceful warrior.

People love nothing more than to proclaim peace, to align with what is in their mind good. Yet one person’s good is easily another’s evil. When you feel that anger rising inside you against the person for whatever their stance is, you have immediately lost.

Anger is the cloak of hate. Make no mistake. When I write this to you it is not from some moral high ground. It is because I lived there. I dwelt there. I ate it. I breathed it. I was it.

That is not to say I am completely free from it. The very writing of these words is further proof of my journey to a better me. Hopefully a better you.

I would like to go on and on and prove this truth as if more words will prove my point. They can not.

When anything outside of being physically threatened draws you to the conclusion that embarking on a violent or anger infused riot, you have lost. Not just your cause, you have lost yourself.

It is as if you specifically set out to destroy a piece of your soul.

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