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Purpose in Writing


This is an interesting question I asked myself the other day. I look around and I would say on the various places my writings appears which is a few, only a handful of people actually read them. To think on that point is to discourage myself. What matters is, someone read it, even one.

It is like being a spring in a desert that one person finds and that drink sustains them. Perhaps from this spring they make it to another water source from someone else, something that helps them through their day. Maybe I will be lucky enough that they will find another of my writings and it will help them on their way.

Life is effort. I consider myself like buried treasure at the bottom of the sea, except I am covered by the world of noise in this digital ocean. It is hard to be noticed when the surface of the world is enjoying their beach, ships move along for pleasure, or monstrous container ships move things we do not need throughout the world.

Somehow I get great satisfaction that there are seekers out there, people looking for words like mine. People that reflect on them throughout their day and make my words their words and adapt them to their thoughts. This does not make me an oracle, a guide, or some kind of wiseman. It just means I filled your head with something a little greater than the thought of “Just do it.”

Do what? Murder, steal, cheat? I find slogans tiresome. People shouting out blurbs to entice you to buy their product and wear it like a badge of honor. Look at me! I represent a billion dollar company! Perhaps even more deploring is whatever evils the company may have committed along the way to appease their shareholders which could even be you and I if we have a investments.

But I digress. To really see myself as I would like to be, I envision myself having the success of my own books, my own interests, and employing others not just to enhance my products but to help them build their own and eventually see them go off and do similar. All the while from now to the end of my days I would still post my words and my images on various formats.

It is the modern way of what my father did in writing his journals. I think my spin is to write to a more spiritual and to the heart of life rather than the opinions of this world or the everyday goings on in my life. I believe those topics to be covered far better by others than I.

Honestly after seeing how politics of any kind poisons the soul, makes us less caring and feeling towards each other, I oft feel the need to shower after reading on the topic. Like the recovering addict, my desire to jump into the fray as I had many years ago looms like the shadow of Everest before a storm reminding me there is no comfort in such endeavors. They only make a human colder.

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