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Updated: Oct 2, 2018


Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Why do you ask? Yesterday, I turned 47. So today, I being living my 48th year on the planet. From conception to now, I have been around almost that long.

During that time, I like you have experienced all manner of things. Good and bad. Some of it has been put upon my while others are of my own making. Just like you. We all really are not that different. Most people just want to be happy.

Which brings me to my happiness, it is to create. I have since I was a young boy tried to build, create, make worlds, drawing. Dabbled in being a play tester at three now defunct video game companies.

There was a time when making video games itself was a passion, today it is like anything else, swallowed up by large corporations for the sake of profit and those that are blessed enough to work there are not paid in commensuration to their creations.

On of the reasons I started building Eden so long ago was that I wanted a place to be big enough to invite other creators, designers, artists to literally play in my sandbox. Now, as within all sandboxes, there are rules. Obviously there will be those whose vision does not match mine and it is unlikely that we were collaborate.

In fact, I have not attained enough of a following or success to even float the idea to invite other people into my world to help build it as I am only one complete book in and I am working on the second book as you read this.

It is my understanding that blogging is an important part of growing the following. To date I only have a handful of friends who keep liking or sharing my words and observations. Indeed many things I post to my Instagram get far more likes and follows than I do from my friends. That is okay, I am not griping about not getting help, I am merely illustrating how hard it is to launch a product by yourself.

It took 5 years to figure out how to make build and bring the Monsters of Eden to life. Suffice to say book two is moving a lot faster due to my accumulated knowledge. My weakness is in marketing. Granted I have achieved more in a short amount of time than I thought possible, but it is not like 5 years world building experience. It is a different animal.

So here I go.

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