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the Enemy of Progress


As creation goes it is an imperfect science. I have read, listened, and heard opinion on the process. How you should do it. What mistakes to not make. Curious in all this information that is out there is how little of use it is.

Look at it like this, if you immerse yourself in the opinions of others, their ways, or their styles, you cease to be you. You cease to create. You are in the process of processes. I hate that word. If I grew my world to the point where I had employees, that word would be stricken from the company. Process is a dirty word. It is the to me a series of impediments that disallow true work to be done.

Do not get me wrong, a process is something a computer does. People are not computers, we are organic thinking beings, not machines. Dotting the “i” and crossing the “t” and paying attention to details is paramount, but do not get lost in process where it infringes on the ability to create.

Be your own Tolkien, your own Rowling, or even your own Stephen King.

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