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We are of Stars


I took a little time off to compose and publish a book of my writings, they included some of my previous blogs. It is not easy to create and build not just worlds but everyday life. I am sure you reading this do not have to look far outside yourself to encounter someone, maybe even you that is affected by some physical malaise.

I myself have battled numerous ailments, even now, but I am loathe to mention or complain about them except to a few of my closest of friends. Perhaps that makes me a bit of an oddball as in today’s society it is quite commonplace to bemoan all the ills that hold us down.

I had a friend, his name was Noah, he was confined to a wheelchair most of his life and struck with a debilitating disease which eventually claimed his life. In all the time I knew him, he never complained about his affliction, he chose to live the most straightforward normal of lives he could given his condition, even when breathing apparatus had to be introduced to keep him alive, he just kept plugging away.

It put a lot of things in perspective for me. Perhaps even to a degree I ignored a few problems a little too long because I wanted to be as strong as my friend. The thing is there is a difference between trying to win your war with your body and ignoring, and least of all publicizing it for emotional gain.

Newsflash, we all get sick. We all get old. We all get injured. It is an unavoidable certainty. It does not mean death is lurking around the corner, but it is a reminder that our lives are not permanent either. Even stars that light our night might be dead, it has just taken the legacy of their light to reach us.

That is how I look to those I love that have died, be it my grandfather, my father, my brother, or my friend Noah. They are the light that still shines on me even though they are long gone, much like a star.

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