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World Building


So I gather by your reading my words, you have some inkling that I build worlds, specifically the World of Eden. Now, I am not alone in this profession. We are surrounded by it. Be a TV show, a movie, a book, a video game. You name it, you are a part of it.

You may not think yourself adept at world building, but you do it everyday you wake up, live your days experiences and at night you process all the events of the day in your sleep, some of us even process weeks to years while we sleep. It is an endless endeavor of all of us.

You perhaps do not imagine worlds like I do, or draw like I do, and I am at a loss when I look at the world's others have created and think, what is my small world to these epic franchises? I will tell you what it is, it is mine. Also, it is yours as well.

What is my world or any world without your attention? The reader, the viewer, the player are all essential parts that are the oxygen of our creation. It is far to easy to sit back and say, look what I built. Building something is fine and dandy, success is great, but the real test is when we look within ourselves and see that the worlds we play in are us.

The hero we see in us. Often we can identify with a villain. We feel the rush of the game, or our mind paints a picture of such detail that even a movie with great special effects can still only scratch the surface of what we can dream.

You are a world builder, you build everyday, just no one ever told you that you possess the skill. Think of that the next time you cook a meal, play with a dog, or even have a meaningful talk with someone. You are constructing the legacy of your life and it all begins in your mind.

So your interests may not be as mine, but you work as hard as I do creating the world that is your life. #world #worldbuilding #thoughts #life #reality #entertainment #book #movie #videogame #rpg

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