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Frame of Mind


Think about that title a minute. I try not to be preachy in my blogging or even in day to day conversations with people. There are enough people in the world who will not just give advice, but inundate you with what you should do or be doing.

Take a moment, calm your emotions whatever they may be and do what you do naturally. Be it art, writing, singing, dancing, or just living a life. Be in the moment and enjoy it. Too often we allow things to cloud our lives. If something unpleasant has happened or is weighing in on you, try not to let it affect your pursuits.

Trust me, I have fallen victim to disappointments over my life near and far that have had a negative impact on my day, my friends, or my work in creating things. It is about not letting outside events taint your world.

Your world, for that is what it is. All minutes are composed of seconds that you direct which turn into the hours of our days into the years of what are short lives. The nearer you get to the end it becomes more clear what your life experiences have added up into being.

So next time you and me are going to embark upon a project, a discussion, or even a simple meal, make sure you are cloaked with a positive point of view. This isn’t to say every day will be rosy or you won’t have to gift through some type of malaise, it is just saying be mindful of the id and ego versus the subconscious. #believe #inspire #motivate #quote #reading #love #happy #create #writing #introspective #family #life #think #mind

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